Make Your Outdoor Cushions Last

To make your outdoor furniture more comfortable, you can get some very stylish outdoor cushions. These are cushions made especially for the outdoors and include features such as material which weather resistant and flow through cores that will allow water to flow out and prevent rotting and mildew.

However it is helps if you weather proof them further with weather proof spray this will help them to last even longer. This is especially important if you are leaving them outside all year round rather than bringing them in for the winter.

When you properly maintain your outdoor cushions, they can last as long as 5 or more years.

To maintain your outdoor cushions in the best shape possible, follow these four simple maintenance tips:

1. For non treated cushions, either cover them or bring them inside the house.
Avoid exposing your non treated or non water resistant cushions to water or rain. Either cover them, or bring them inside to avoid them being wet during the rain.
2. Regular cleaning is a MUST
Longer lasting cushions are achieved through proper maintenance. Wash them with mild soap (Dawn Dish Soap is recommended!).Use bristled brush to scrub off stains and always remember to check manufacturer labels before going on cleaning your cushions. To make sure that all sun screen is removed before putting them at the end of the summer away, deep clean your cushions. Cushions can deteriorate with suntan lotion.
3. Care for your outdoor furniture cushions – Water repellent does not make your cushions last forever. Reapply them if needed, and always remember that this must be done every summer to ensure the longevity of your cushions.
4. Mildew Removal- Clean off the mildew from your cushions if ever they have some To ensure that the bleach does not damage your cushions, make sure to spot test them first. Dilute bleach with water all the time and apply directly onto the mildew, just spray bleach and let it stay for 10 minutes to make sure that the mildew is being killed by the bleach. Never fail to check the instructions of the manufacturer first.

Mildew happens when dirt builds up, so prevent it happening in the first place by hosing and cleaning your cushions regularly and ensuring they dry off completely before putting them away.

Outdoor Furniture Cushions Storage

Before putting your outdoor cushions away at the end of summer, take care to wash them first and allow them to completely dry. Never enclose them in plastic as it can cause molds because of moisture from sweating, instead, store them in a place where there is plenty of air circulation.If the tips above are followed, and of course your cushions are of good quality, then they are sure to last for a number of years.Just like the outdoor furniture, there are many styles, colors and types of outdoor cushions available on the market that you can mix and match them or replace them completely if they get destroyed.