Want to have a Sensual Bedroom?

Feng Shi is very old Science. It is very ancient philosophy of Chinese which helps you to indulge positive energy in the house. The inflow of positive energy will thus help you to give yourself and your family love and support. Out of all the rooms in the Feng Shui the bedroom is the most important room. It is a room where you sleep in your beloved arms without any tension and worries.
The first thing to do, in order to enhance your bedroom into a sensual room is to get rid of the computer & T.V. and shift it to other rooms may be in your living area. These things are the hurdle for you and you’re beloved to talk properly with each other.
Next is to clean out all the dirt and dust from the house. Try to get rid of inadequate items which become a medium of dust like photos, drawers, closet or the stuff under your bed. Also let go your old memories and keep aside all the items/memorize from your past. According to Feng Shui, it is not advisable for you to keep plants in your bedroom as they are not good for your bedroom.
Go to your bedroom doorway and look back at the right hand corner of your home. The area which you are looking at is the very much important area in our house as it is your relationship area. Try to decorate it with a pair of candle or a pair of flowers will do a job for you. You can also put some memories of you and you’re beloved in the form of the paintings and photo frames. Place all the things which make you and your beloved happy. You can also change the color of that corner and add tender color to it.
Making a decision about the bed is quite a difficult task. Always choose a bed which is in proportion with your room & the bed frame should be tough and has a headboard. Bed should not be facing the doorway. Also the bed should be accessible to the far off corner of the room and it is considered usually a great area. Do keep your bedroom clean and thus clean it daily. Also the area underneath your bed should not be used for storage as it creates hurdle in your relationship. Make sure that this area is neat and clean.
In order to enhance your bedroom you can put some high quality bed linens onto your bed. Neutral color will do the wonders for you.
Also one of the things which are the most important for equality is the two equal sized bedside tables. These tables should be placed just next to your bed and thus promotes love and harmony in your relationship.
Adjust your room lightening with the help of a dimmer switch and make sure that the lightening is done efficiently. None of the area in the room should be dark. Proper lightening is mandatory. Put on some Candles in your room which will promote love and sensuality into your bedroom.
You can fit some i-pod or an MP3 player into your bedroom and play some nice, slow and romantic songs. Music is always a delight to listen. It will help you to get close to your beloved and helps you to get close to each other. Try out planning a nice evening with your beloved or you can also do a slow dance with your spouse. Make them feel special by telling them how much you love them.