Living Room

Ceiling Options for a Custom Remodeled Living Room

One of the features to a living room that is often overlooked is the ceiling. Plain white plaster is a safe and simple finish to the rest of the room. It is also boring and unimaginative. Adding unusual features, texture and different visual levels to the living room ceiling during an interior home remodel enhances the depth and changes the room’s atmosphere. There is more to a ceiling than its ability to hide beams, insulation and wiring or simply exist beneath the floor above.

Wooden Beams
One of the latest trends in custom remodeling projects is to add beams to the living room ceiling. They are not needed for the stability of the flooring above, but to give visual depth to the room. Different levels of height help the area appear larger and more spacious. They can add stability to some structures, and may be existing above the existing ceiling, depending on the home’s design. For a room with a rustic look, wooden beams can be stained or painted to coordinate with the rest of the room. Where wooden beams are too heavy for existing structures to support, consider a hollow beam or recessed ceiling design to add depth instead.

Unusual Features
For added sophistication and elegance, add unusual features to white plaster ceilings. Consider using color, texture, lighting fixtures and varied levels of depth. Change the ceiling color to something that coordinates with the rest of the decor but does not match the wall color. For rooms with wallpaper, put trim on the ceiling, as well. Chandeliers, recessed lighting and fixtures with dimmer switches can change the mood of the living room entirely. Another option is to used a mixed texture of plaster with coordinating brick, stone, wood or tile. Ceiling fans create a more relaxed atmosphere and work well in a room with wide open space and multiple windows in its layout..

High Ceilings
Just because a living room has standard ceiling height and form does not mean it has to stay that way. Take a look above the existing ceiling to see what is up there. There may be nothing preventing the homeowner from extending the ceiling upward for a vaulted appearance. Cross-beams that support the building’s structure can be preserved and, if necessary, decorated to fit in with the rest of the room. In living rooms with only a roofed in area above, a skylight is another option.